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CINI 2014 >> Recommendations and Action Plans In Progress

Session 1:  Closing the Gap in Nursing and Allied Health Education: Human Resource Planning for Canada and India


1. A follow up workshop be held in India in the fall of 2014 to provide necessary details on issues related to the development to the extent competency and standards to be included in allied health training manuals.

Current Status:

 The planning is in progress to have a symposium in India with tentative dates of October 13 and 14, 2014. October 13 is proposed to be an evening with an expert panel discussion. With October 14 to be a symposium from 9:00 – 14:00 titled: Closing the Gap Human Resource. To date Dr. Garg, Bill Dow Kathy Kinloch, and Lawrence Gu will attend from CINS-BCIT Canada.

 Hosting of the symposium is being confirmed. A CINS organized event, cohosted by BCIT, PHFI is being considered.

 Kavita Narayan is working with Arun; Bill and Lawrence on the details

 BCIT has provided commitment and support for the event.

 The event is being planned to coincide with the premier’s visit and she will be invited to the Oct 14th lunch. Minister of Advanced Education will also be invited on Oct 14. Dr Garg is working with the BC government officials to make the necessary follow up.

2 2014 08 18 CINI 2014 Summary of scientific session recommendations v1.0

 Indian contacts and CINS are in the process of inviting the India’s Minister of Health

 Contact people include:

o Mr. Bill Dow – Dean of Health Science, BCIT

o Mr. Lawrence Gu – Dean International, BCIT

o Ms. Kathy Kinloch – President, BCIT

o Ms. Kavita Narayan – Public Health Agency of India

o Dr. Arun Garg – CINS

Session 2: Health, Technology and Economy: Enabling and Reverse Innovation for Sustainability


1. CINS and ICIMACT to collaborate and host a 2-3 day workshop on Technology and Health in the BC lower mainland in late 2015 or early 2016

2. Organise a collaborative working workshop between UBC, FH and CINS to explore opportunities and better understand the Arvind model.

3. To explore opportunities to build on the work of ICON projects and further develop the use of social media, internet and chronic disease self-management.

4. Explore opportunities with Medtronic Canada and India for potential collaborative with the Indian Dialysis project.

5. FH through its lab medicine program establish reference values specific to the SA population for analytes which are important in diagnostic management and prognosis ex diabetes, CRH, CHD etc. support by roche diagnosis Canada is acknowledged.

6. Explore research opportunities with Ryan D’Arcy, SFU, SMH and Surrey Innovation Boulevard.

7. CINS and UBC E Health Startegy office to explore potential topic as part of this workshop on CDM-Self management-health and technology

Current Status

 CINS directors are in the process of setting a meeting up with IC-IMPACT leaders Sue Roppol and Nemi Banthia from IC-IMAPCT to explore the opportunity to plan the 2-3 day technology and health workshop. The goal is to have the workshop in late 2015. Additionally to explore how CINS and IC-IMPACT may be able to collaborate to work on the recommendations from CINI 2014.

 Fraser Health through SAHI and with CINS are exploring the potential for a joint collaboration with IC- IMPACT recently established group at UBC. Purpose is to discuss how learning from CINI 2014 may be applicable to the health strategy of IC IMPACT.

o Dr. Nemy Banthia, Scientific Director and Chief Executive Officer, IC-IMPACT

o Ms. Sue Roppel – Chief operating Officer and Network Manager, IC-IMPACT

o Dr. Stewart Aitchison, Associate Scientific Director and lead for Public Health: Disease Prevention and treatment

o Ms. Colleen Hart, VP Operations, Fraser Health SAHI

o Minnie Downey, CINS board Director

 CINS is planning to meet with leaders from UBC’s Faculty of Business, Faculty of Medicine, Fraser Health and CINS Target Sept 2014. The purpose of the meeting is to explore the opportunity for an Aravind workshop. This is in progress.

 Dr Murali Chandrashekaran

 Minnie Downey

 Dr Arun Garg

 Pavita Mehta

 Christine Melton

 CINS continue to provide strategic community support to ICON in their quest to expand the use of social media and other similar technologies in CDM. CINS is a partner in population health project, being funded by Vancouver Foundation. Also CINS will work with E health office of UBC and IC-Impact to explore common areas of interest..

o Dr. Kendall Ho, Director, iCON

o Dr Arun Garg

o Paul Bains

 Actions to explore partnership with the City of Surrey and Fraser Health are to be initiated. Opportunities exist to build on the leadership that has been shown from City of Surrey in the area of research and innovation.

 Dr Andrew Webb

 Dr Sonia Singh

 Jake Adrian’

 Susan Chunick