CINS supports and welcomes recently announced direct non-stop flights between YVR (Vancouver) and New Delhi, India. This will enhance links between Canada and India at multiple levels. Access to travel and communications is critical and direct flights will allow fuller participation.

In areas like trade, tourism and transport of goods, it is vital. On a personal level, am delighted to see this happening. Beside making it easier to travel between Canada and India, this was a major recommendation of BC India Market Advisory Group  which I chaired a few years ago. We also applaud efforts and ongoing work of BC-India Business Network in their work. A celebratory symposium organized by BC India Business Network on July 8th is most welcome and events like this will add tremendous capacity to grow links between BC and India.  CINS is happy to attend the symposium. BC is building major capacity in health and innovative ideas and CINS is actively working with interested groups in building these bridges.