We are in a new year and Canada/India links through Health continue to move ahead. Health promotion and illness prevention is the main focus in society and this area lends itself for mutual learnings. Traditional medicine in India has placed much emphasis on holistic total body care and thus balance is essential within daily life.

Diet has been central and now in Canada, the role that lifestyle and diet plays in maintaining health has been examined more. The food choices we make have an important impact on our health. However, expert opinions continue to change about which and how much of these foods is optimal. There is even talk about modifying the Canada Diet Book to include portion size. The total caloric intake and amount of food is as important as type and time of consumption. This theme was also the main focus of my radio interview on CKNW Health series and an area of great personal interest.

Here’s a link to the interview https://soundcloud.com/cknw/your-health-first-january-19-3

CINS continues to work with partners in India, most recent being GAPIO, the Global Association of Physicians of Indian origin. To anyone unaware, it is estimated that there are 1.2 million physicians of Indian Origin working in many countries of the world apart from India. There are 125,500 Physicians of Indian Origin working in the English speaking Western world (USA, UK, Australia and Canada combined), with the major constituent being from USA and UK. Between 10-30% of the physicians working in USA, UK, Canada and Australia have their roots in India. There are also significant number of Indian Physicians working in Middle East, South East Asia and Africa.

This organization connects physicians of Indian origin from various parts of the globe who have a common mission. I was recently appointed as an executive member of the organization to represent Canada.

This substantial workforce of physicians is a valuable resource, which can help mobilize significant developments globally in the health field. This strong Diaspora of South Asian doctors who are highly respected and powerful, need a common professional platform – GAIPO fills this need. There is a need for greater visibility and cohesion of these physicians. Their combined intellectual and technical strength can also be vital force in the development of the Indian healthcare sector. 2015 looks to be an exciting year. Stay tuned for information on health initiatives, conferences, and advancements in CINS’ objectives.