Dr. Arun Garg: Good health is much more than the absence of disease

Opinion: Physicians typically don’t prescribe yoga, tai chi or meditation to their patients, but maybe they should

Finally, it seems, there is a light at the end of this long, dark pandemic tunnel. With health restrictions being lifted, British Columbians are breathing easier, they are considering travelling again, or maybe even attending a concert or hockey game.

Although we all must remain cautious, this undoubtedly comes as a much-needed mood boost for all of us. But as a lifelong physician, I’m hoping this won’t simply be a return to normal. That’s because the “normal” that many people are living is marked by unhealthy foods, high stress, insufficient exercise, poor sleep, and burnout. The results are evident — widespread obesity, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, and many other chronic ailments. The South Asian community, of which I am a proud member, is considered a high-risk population for developing Type-2 diabetes. We all know that COVID was particularly tough on those with underlying health conditions like these.

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