Canada India Foundation Canada India Healthcare Forum 2015 is scheduled to be held in Toronto, Canada on May 19-20, 2015, at the Omni King Edward Hotel in Toronto.

CIF is a major group based in Canada, who focus on building and enhancing economic links between Canada and India. This summit is part of ongoing trade and economic summits, which the foundation has organized in the past, such as Canada India Energy Forum 2009, Canada India Mining and Metals Forum 2010, Canada India Agriculture and Food Processing Forum 2012, and Canada India Infrastructure Forum 2014.

This year’s Canada India Healthcare Forum 2015 will bring together government representatives and healthcare experts from the two countries to discuss ways for raising the healthcare bar in India, utilizing Canadian expertise and experience while understanding any challenges that may lie in the way. Some of the key areas of healthcare proposed to be discussed include:

  • Diseases prevalent among South Asians (Diabetes, Heart Disease, Stroke),
  • Research, Rehabilitation including occupational therapy,
  • Children’s health,
  • Pharmaceuticals including generic drugs,
  • Specialty health (heart, eyes etc.),
  • Telemedicine,
  • Credential recognition and partnership programs,
  • Health outreach to native and tribal populations including:
  • distance care through Mobile Hospitals, Alternative medicine,
  • Wellness (including tapping into India’s traditional healthcare options, such as:
  • Yoga and medical tourism.

The objectives of the Canada India Healthcare Forum are to provide a platform for healthcare sector specific dialogue among Indian and Canadian stakeholders; present current developments in the healthcare sector in India; promote business opportunities for Canadian and Indian healthcare companies; and publish a policy paper on healthcare cooperation between Canada and India.

Registration is now open here. Further information can be found on the website or directly from Mr Kalyan Sundaram, Executive Director of the foundation ksundaram 1-416-779-5237.