Canada India Network Society

Building Links Between Canada and India Through Engagement, Social Innovation, and Technology.

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What We Do

We believe equivalent engagement of India and Canada, the best of East and West

We fund our activities through our partnerships with foundations, government and industrial sponsorship and individual donors.

We Collaborate with individuals and organizations with similar missions.

We Cooperate with individuals and organizations to participate by planning, organizing programs in health, education, technology, business and economic development.

We bring people together for the exchange of innovative ideas and outcome focused recommendations and action plans.

We believe in flexibility and nimbleness to constantly be adaptable to the change and evolving health and economic environments.

We Catalyse for effective and Optimal Solutions.

6th Annual South Asian Health Conference 2023 

Organized by West Coast Cardiology & Co-hosted with C-PISA-BC, CINS and ACC
September 16th 2023

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The Canada India Network Society (CINS) is a, non-profit society registered in the province of British Columbia, Canada, in 2010, to Build a Global Healthy Civil Society.

We conceptualize, collaborate, and coordinate between people, organizations, and institutes to improve the health of the people of Canada and India.

Our work has led to innovative programs and network opportunities in health that support educational, economic, cultural and social links between Canada and India.

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Past CINI Events

CINI 2018

Surrey, BC

Focusing on modifications, lifestyle interventions, quality palliative care, and interlinks of culture and mental health and wellness. Through holistic Integrative care to improve outcomes with the role of technology in community-based chronic care.

CINI 2014

Surrey, BC

Building on its predecessor, the focus was healthy civil society. Based on knowledge and wisdom sharing, action for transformation. The healthy society pillars were education, justice and health.


CINI 2010

SFU, Surrey, BC

Starting and creating networks amongst leaders in academic, industry, health service providers, policymaker to lower the burden of cardiovascular diseases.

Building and strengthening academic, cultural, health and business links between Canada and India.

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